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South Africans are known world wide to be passionate about sports, especially Rugby, Cricket, Football (Soccer), and Horse Racing, not detracting from the lesser followed sports like Tennis, Hockey and Swimming etcetera.

With our country hosting a number of internationa.5l events such as the IPL twenty/20, currently on the go, and the ICC competition coming in October, the World Cup T/20 in June/July being held in the UK, and of course the World Cup Football here in 2010, we believe that you should have the opportunity of standing by your predictions by having a wager and perhaps celebrating the outcome and hopeful success of your chosen team/s.

From as early as the late 1600's gambling was either restricted or banned in South Africa other than punting on Horse Racing. In 1996 the National Gambling Act was passed and a system instituted for licensed Casinos and a single National Lottery.

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Our Horse Racing history can be traced back as far as 1797, 100 years before our premium event "The Durban July" took place at Greyville in 1897. Punting on the 'gee gee's' had a long protected period as it was the only legalised form of gambling until 1996. There are three big days in the racing calendar being, The Durban July at Greyville, The J&B Met at Kenilworth in Cape Town and The Summer Cup at Turfontein in Gauteng.

Since gambling became legalised the spread of options has increased with the vast majority going to the National Lottery followed by Casinos, with Horse Racing now in 5th position. With the explosion of the electronic age it was only a matter of time before the general public had another form of communication which they could use and so the birth of Online Gaming came into being. People being people love a challenge and are by nature opinionated, want to be right, and the challenge of guessing who will win, reinforces their rightness when they pick the winner.

South Africa is a small Country internationally, yet we seem to breed winners in all walks of life. Politicians like Nelson Mandela and Jannie Smuts, businessmen like Mark Shuttleworth, also South Africa's first astronaut, and of course our sportsmen.

To date we have an array of top events under our belt which includes two Rugby World Cups, our famous four Olympic Gold Swimmers, Boxing world champs like Brian Mitchell, cricketers who are always in the ICC top rankings, and even our Race Horses which have done well overseas. We have a natural outlet for this desire to win, which includes the athletically challenged, and thats to PICK THE WINNER.

South African Sports Betting gives you the opportunity to pick your side, and stand by your team whether it's domestic or international, can you decide if the Wallabies will eat the Bokke or will the Sharks chew the Crusaders or bite on the Brumbies.

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