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Golf is a sport played on a golf course normaly consisting of 18 holes of varying distances. Each 'hole' starts at the 'Tee' and ends when the player sinks the ball in the'Hole' which is situated on the 'green', using the least amount of shots from the Tee to the hole. The golfer/player has a variety of clubs to hit the ball with, and this is dependant of whether the shot to play requires distance, height, accuracy or putting.

The most accepted beginnings of golf is that it started in Scotland in the 12th century with shepherds hitting stones into rabbit holes, at the site where the Royal and Ancient golf club of St. Andrews is now situated. Scotland lays claim to the first golf course, club membership and the earliest written rules of the game. The earliest golf course still played on today is the Musselburgh Old Links golf course dating back to 1672.

Prior to 1764 golf courses had a varying number of holes. St.Andrews had 22 holes, but some of the holes were deemed too short and were incorporated into other holes eventually leading to 18 holes. Due to St.Andrews having the status as the 'capital' of golf, this was accepted by all other courses, and today is the standard rule of golf courses.

Over the years golf has developed a huge international following because of TV coverage and prize money for tournaments that run into $ millions. Currently there are over twenty various golfing tours of which the US PGA, European, Japanese, Asian, Australian and Sunshine Tour (South Africa) Offer points for the World Golf Rankings. Outside of this there are four other tournaments referred to as 'The Majors', this being The Masters, US Open, The Open Championship (British Open) and the PGA Championship, and three World Golf Championships that are played annually.

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A good follow-through is just as important in management as it is in bowling, tennis, or golf. Follow-through is the bridge between good planning and good results.

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