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Test cricket is played over a five day period, between national teams, of which there are currently 10 competing countries, under the auspices of the ICC (International Cricket Counci )

Teams consist of eleven players on the field, and a twelth man incase of a player being injured or not being able to continue on the field of play. The twelth man may only field. Each team has two innings. This form of cricket is deemed to be the ultimate in endurance and concentration, as it is played in summer, hence the name 'TEST'cricket.

Teams normaly consist of specialists in Batting and Bowling, or all Rounders who are good at batting and bowling and or fielding, and a wicket keeper who stands behind the stumps, opposite to the bowling end. Team attire is white.

Ajudication to the rules, are applied by UMPIRES on the field. The third umpire is in the umpires box in the stands and is called into play if the umpires on the field require clarity on a decision such as a run out, or stumping. There is also a match referee who oversees the game in general and that conduct of players does not bring the game into disrepute. Umpires attire is dark trousers with a white top.

A normal days play will consist of 90 overs, unless rain or bad light stops play early. If possible the lost overs are be made up by having an earlier start to the next days play. Lunch is normally taken at 1pm and tea in the afternoon at about 3pm. During the day there maybe 3 or 4 drinks breaks, depending on the temperatures and humidity where the test is being played. Teams may be penalised for slow over rates. A new ball is used at the beginning of each innings there after the bowling side may elect to take a new ball only after a minimum of 80 overs have been bowled. A new ball is not neccessary taken after 80 overs ,if the bowling side feel it is more conducive to carry on with the old ball.

Tests are played between the Home Team (host nation) and the Touring Team, and generally consist of three to five test matches played at different venues in the in the host nation. The touring team usually have a number of other first class matches in their itinary to acclimitise to the conditions in the host country. There is often a continual trophy played for in the series of tests, the most famous, and longest standing of these being the 'ASHES ' played between England and Australia. The first test between these two teams was played in 1877.

South Africa first entered the test arena in 1889, with a two test series against England, of which they lost both. In 2012 South Africa (The Proteas), were rated number one in world test cricket after beating Australia in Australia and England in England. They are the only team to be ranked number 1 in all three formats of the game. The other two being the limited, 50 over version and the T 20 version

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