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Premiership Betting Guide

While the rise in televised football has simply soared all over the world during the last twenty years, football betting has increased in a similar fashion. With multiple games from the English Premiership being beamed into our homes every week, a match can always be enhanced with a gamble in moderation.

The Premiership has its own unique bets too but the most popular tend to be the more conventional options. Betting on the title itself has become even more popular now because it seems that at last, Manchester United have a long term challenger to the title that they have monopolised for the last few years. Neighbours Manchester City claimed the 2011-12 championship in dramatic fashion and as such, taking a bet on the title winners is an attractive proposition once again.

Of the bets that are virtually exclusive to the premiership, the race for the Golden Boot award is arguably the most popular of all. This is the trophy given to the player who scores the most goals during a premiership season and on many occasions in the past, the bet hasn`t been settled until the very last day of a campaign.

The odds fluctuate wildly on this bet too and those players who move into an early lead are quickly installed as favourites but there are many factors that can affect the betting. Loss of form is obviously going to play its part but injury and suspension are equally unpredictable and can contribute to making this the most fascinating gamble of all.

Another popular premiership bet is known colloquially as the `Sack Race` and it involves the unfortunate manager who is the first to leave his post after the start of the campaign. At the beginning of the season, you will usually find that the bosses in charge of the newly promoted Championship teams are the favourites in this respect but there is good value in looking elsewhere.

In many cases, those promoted teams have made a good start to Premiership life and sides such as Stoke, Swansea and Norwich have thrived in the higher tier. In contrast, those clubs that have invested heavily in their squad and are under achieving are frequently the ones to fire first.

Outside of those esoteric gambles, all the usual football bets can apply to the premiership such as the result, first goal scorer and correct score. In addition, there are the more creative gambles offered by all bookmakers such as the number of yellow or red cards in a game and whether or not an individual player will score with his head.

Once you become experienced in the ways of online betting you can advance to the stage that is said by many to be the most exciting of all. Betting in play can be applied to any aspect of a game but you can stake your money at any time after the game has kicked off.

The rise in televised football is a perfect partner for betting in play and you`ll need strong skills as a football analyst to judge how a game is developing.

Whether you`re betting during a game or before it`s kicked off, the premiership has some great options to nominate your gamble and then to watch live football to see if it is successful.

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