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Sports betting has always been a very popular form of gambling. People do it for a number of reasons, it can be fun as they say for example to ‘put your money where your mouth is’; others just do it for the added excitement they will get from watching a match where they could win or lose something also. Whatever a bettor’s reason is for engaging in this activity, in the end it amounts to an industry with billions of dollars in revenues and transactions worldwide. It is very difficult to estimate the actual amount, because if you include the ‘illegal’ market, which for obvious reasons cannot be estimated - the figure becomes significantly higher.

Of course like many other forms of gambling many sports betting operators throughout the world have pursued online interests in bet taking. Online sports betting like in many countries is a complicated affair, with many countries having their own set of rules on how it is regulated. Britain has the most open online market in the world which not only allows people to place bets on sporting activities, but they may also enjoy other games such as: casino games, poker, bingo etc. The latter has become particularly popular in the UK, with many online sports betting companies (for example Ladbrokes) offering bingo on their sites to try and welcome a whole new clientele.

The problem for people that are not accustomed to placing a small wager, is that bookies use a very specialised vocabulary to describe the types of bets, the odds and other aspects of this activity. Moreover, this vocabulary can vary depending on the bookies and their own systems. Therefore, it is helpful to know a few keywords:

Odds- Usually the odds of winning are calculated using the following parameters:
  • The teams' performances this season, in prior seasons, in last week's game, and against each other
  • The playing surface
  • Home field advantage
  • The weather forecast
  • Injuries, especially those of star players
  • Team morale
  • Events in the personal lives of the players

The spread

  • This is a way of making all bets begin on a level playing field, in the eyes of bettors. It usually involves giving the worse team and advantage or ‘handicap’ of a few points at the start of the match which means placing a bet on either one or the other team becomes fairer (this is popular in the U.S.A)

Accumulator bets

  • It is popular form of placing a bet (particularly in soccer). The method of winning depends on more than one result goes your way. For example; if you place a bet of £10 on 8 English Premier League teams that have been selected to win, if those teams do come out on top, then you win the bet. If even one team does not then there is no payout.
  • This form of betting is often popular, because in the event of winning you will likely receive a good return.

Like betting in the High street, it is advisable in the online world to make sure the operators you are using are legitimate. It is usually the case these days that all the old fashioned licensed bookies now offer online facilities for their betting, so that is one way to know what you are dealing with. Just look out for the big brand names and you should be fine.

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