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Six Nations Rugby

Six Nations rugby is the premier tournament played in the Northern Hemisphere only.

England and Scotland were the first teams to play an international game of rugby, and this was in 1871. Twelve years later Wales and Ireland joined the competition which gave birth to the Home International Championship.

This however was changed in 1910 when France joined the competition and the term, 'Five Nations' was coined. The Competition was interrupted by the two world wars but resumed in 1947, and has been played every year since.

1973 saw the most amazing result in this competition, where all five teams shared the title, with each team having won 2 and lost 2 of their games.

Prior to 1993 there was no actual cup or trophy given to the winning team, merely and acknowledgement of 'Five Nations'champions. France were the first 'cup winners'.

Italy joined the competition in 2000 and it was re-named the 'Six Nations'. This is the premier rugby competition played by the Six Nations of the North.

The competition is played on an alternative home ground basis, ie if Wales host Italy one year, the following year Italy will host Wales, and each of the teams play against one another.

Points are allocated as follows:-

  1. 2 for a win
  2. 1 for a draw
  3. 0 for a loss.

A team winning every game of the competition is said to have won a 'Grand Slam', and a win in every game by a team of the Home Nations is said to have won the 'Triple Crown'. England have won 12 'Grand Slams', followed by Wales on 9 and France 8.

In the history of the competition, back to back wins have only been achieved five times, with once again England leading the pack on three occaisions, followed by Wales and France with one a piece.

The 'Triple Crown' has been won for four consecutive years by only two teams, Wales (1976-1979) and England (1995-1998).
England lead the Triple Crown wins with 23, followed by Wales on 18, Scotland with 10 and Ireland on 10.

Within the Six Nations competition are a number of 'Trophy' games such as the 'Calcutta Cup', played between England and Scotland since 1879 and the 'Millennium Trophy' played between Ireland and England since 1988. The team at the bottom of the log at the end of the season are known as the 'Wooden Spooners'.

Teams perticipating in the Six Nations Rugby are:-

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. Scotland
  4. Ireland
  5. France
  6. Italy
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