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U.S. Open

The US OPEN started as a National singles Championship in 1881, played at the Newport Casino in Rhode Island, and only allowed players who belonged to the United States Lawn Tennis Association to compete. Six years later the womans singles was added, and two years later both the mens and ladies doubles.The tournament is held over a two week period from late August to early September every year.

1968 saw it become an open tournament, allowing both ameteur and professionals players to enter, as with the other three grand slams. In the early years a number of different venues were used until 1978 when it made its last move from the West Side Tennis Club to Flushing Meadows, New York City.

Originally played on grass,then clay when the tournament moved to Forest Hills, and finally to the Deco Turf which is used at Flushing Meadows.Jimmy Connors is the only player to win the tournament on all three different surfaces, and Chris Evert winning it on two different surfaces.The Deco Turf is a fast low bounce surface which favours the serve and volley players.

The US OPEN has two firsts it can claim in the Grand Slams:- In 1970 they introduced 'tie breaks' at the end of the set, instead of playing to a 2 game advantage.In 2006 they used the Hawk Eye computer system to give the umpires instant replay on the stadium courts only. They allowed the players, 3 challengers per set to the umpires decision.

There are five divisions in this tournament:-

  • Mens singles
  • Ladies singles
  • Mens doubles
  • Ladies doubles
  • Mixed doubles
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