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Why is it better for you to take your wagers online, when you can bet with live bookies any time you wish to? Putting aside the advantages offered by the ease of access, online sports betting carries one decisive advantage for the sharp bettor: it features a lower vigorish than live bookies. The reasons behind this decisive advantage are quite simple: your live bookmaker has a shop to upkeep, personnel to pay, and a whole bunch of other expenses we cannot even begin to fathom. He needs to cover all those from the profits he generates, and most of his profits come from the juice, so he cannot afford to lower it past a certain threshold.

Online sports betting operations have far fewer expenses and a much larger market in which to operate. The bottom line is that these guys can afford to lower their vig ust for the heck of it. You shouldn't actually expect the online bookie to ake less money off your wagers, most online bookies practice the same rate as their live counterparts. Online operations do give a lot of money back to players through sign-up bonuses, and various loyalty rewards.

The vig is really like the rake in poker. Live operations can't afford to take less of it, while online poker rooms give players bonuses and rakeback deals (check out for the best such deals) and even poker prop deals (poker props), often giving all the rake back to their players and sometimes even paying them to play.

Now then, you should not expect a setup like that from an online sportsbook, but you will feel the effects of the rebate deals and the sign-up bonuses nonetheless. For those of you who are quick to write these benefits off as insignificant - they're not, and you'll only really understand their importance if you know how the bookmaker works and what the usual odds involved in square sports betting are.

The regular bet that a square sports bettor places on a team, carries a negative long term EV if the bookie manages to get his balancing act right that is. Why is that? Suppose the bookmaker makes a perfect job of balancing the game. The proposition is a perfect 50-50 coin-toss this way. The player gets his money in on one side, thus if he earned even money in case of a win, the long term EV involved would be 0. Unfortunately for the player though, he does not get even money and the difference is made by the vigorish which the bookie collects. You see there's a reason why the bookie wants to balance the match-up. If he manages to get an approximately equal number of bettors onto both sides of the game, he'll just pay the winners with the money the losers drop and keep the juice to himself risk-free. This negative EV isn't of course some sort of a monumental handicap, but it's there nonetheless and over the long-run its effects are surely felt.

The edges offered by the online bookmakers' sign-up bonuses and loyalty rewards aren't big either, but they're big enough to make a difference by significantly reducing the effects of the vig. In order to beat the vig though, one still needs to exhibit some skills finding and taking advantage of the hidden value.

The bottom line is - while they can't overturn the negative EV in general squareF bets, bonuses and loyalty deals offered by online bookmakers do offer players an edge they would never be able to secure offline. If one also considers the wealth of handicapping information as well as information concerning line movements online, the advantages of online sports betting become obvious.

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